16 novembre 2008

A baby boy is born ?

This is my new accessory for youg mummies...
A perfect and unique gift when a baby boy is born.
If you need more details, please contact me

A new fimo creation

A touch of grey, pink and black and here we are... Dolly with her sweet pink heart
I think this new fimo doll could be nice with a black bag.

14 novembre 2008

Three new funny ladies

I would like to introduce you three new "dollies". You can hang them on a GSM or a pencilcase. Few pictures for you...
All these dollies are available, so if you want one, contact me

13 novembre 2008

I have finished my first "Christmas Dolly"

Now, i would like to introduce you my first "Christmas Dolly"
I have painted a fimo medal very very carefuly (to have a perfect result)...
And added handmade stars and fimo pearls

A sound of Chritsmas

Guess what ?
Who is going to dry now ?
It's the first "DOLLY CHRISTMAS" of course !
I will show you my new Christmas present in the afternoon because my job is not finished yet.
So, see you later...

12 novembre 2008

A personalized gift for Christmas

Green, yellow and white are colours of my new creation... But i have added a new thing, a personalized fimo medal (for this one a firstname). I think it's a good idea for a Christmas or a birthday present, don't you ?

When a ladybug meets a GSM

When a ladybug meets a GSM, they become soon inseparable.
Fil d'anges introduces you today a new accessory for your mobile

10 novembre 2008

Today i try to speak english

Today i have made an important decision. I have decided to make my blog in english. I think it will be easier for everybody (except for me because i am french...). I am going to show you my last creations, my funny accessories for bags... If you want more, go to my french blog you will see more pictures...

1 novembre 2008

Ma dernière création Fimo

Il pleut, il pleut bergère,
Rentre tes blancs moutons,
Allons dans ma chaumière,
Et je te montrerai ma dernière création Fimo (ah,ah,ah !)DSCN5585.JPG


Dolly et ses perles violettes

Pour faire ce petit accessoire de sac, j'ai utilisé mes tons préférés: le rose pâle, le violet et le blanc.

Dolly cherche le sac d'une jeune fille coquette pour le mettre en valeur et le faire pétilller de couleurs...........(dans ma boutique bien sûr ;-)

Gri-gri de sac "Dolly et ses marguerites"

Pour cette création Fimo, Dolly se veut gaie et colorée. Une ambiance printanière malgré la pluie d'aujourd'hui...
Ce gri-gri unique est disponible dans ma boutique